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Default Re: James Worthy vs Dominique Wilkins

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
This is like comparing Carmelo Anthony to Josh Smith.

Wilkins and its not close. Worthy may well be the most overrated player in NBA history; more so than even Penny Hardaway. As another noted, he was lucky he was in the spot he was in.
Worthy wasn't even as good as contemporaries who played the same position like Adrian Dantley and Mark Aguire, never mind 'Nique. If he played for a middle-of-the-road team Worthy would be largely forgotten.

This is the most ridiculous post I've read this year on ISH (and that's saying something).

This thread shows just how many of you never watched either, as a lot of you are spewing complete b.s..

I watched Worthy since his Junior year at Carolina and his whole pro career as Big Game James. There is a reason Magic Johnson stated and I quote "James Worthy was one of the top 10 -- top five -- players in playoff history..." And that's from Magic. Finals MVP, Final Four MVP, #1 Overall Pick, James Worthy is one of the 2 or 3 most underrated players on ISH (along with Oscar). Jordan also has stated in a radio interview that he may take Worthy over Kobe. Once again this is from players who KNOW the quality of his game.

This may sound like blasphemy now, but in '87 in the Finals the word was beginning that many considered Wothy a Top 5 player in the game at the time which lasted for the late '80's. Once again, if you weren't there you would have no idea. Here's Pat Riley: "I don't think there has been or will be a better small forward than James, and I don't think people appreciated that," said his coach, Pat Riley, to the Los Angeles Daily News upon Worthy's retirement. "He was always such a quiet guy. But when he was in his prime, I can guarantee you, there wasn't anybody who could touch him."

If you think a malcontent like Mark Aguirre was better than Worthy, you have ZERO idea about the game of basketball. Period.

Worthy had sick skills, athleticism, drive, size, IQ. He was the total package.

I have no problem with anyone saying 'Nique was a little better as he was an AMAZING offensive player. But I'll take Worthy all day if I'm starting a team.

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