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Originally Posted by The REAL Next KNICK
Ariza will never be a top 30 player ever. He will never be a top 100 player either. Ariza is just a slasher with hops. i like the magic a lot but as you can see the knicks are my team and i was so happy when we gave up on ariza and then i found out we got francis so i wasn't that happy. Dwight is going to be the best power foward in the league one day. Darko has something to prove. Fran Vasquez hopefully comes and plays, and jameer and arroyo are just my favorite point gaurds. Go Magic, Deshawn Stevenson needs to get a 3-point shot but he's working on a jumpshot. My Starting lineup for orlando.

jameer nelson
Deshawn Stevenson
Ronnie Brewer

Just a slasher with hops? Are you a ****ing ass? Don't you know who the **** he is?! He's the Arizanautt, bitch!

No, but seriously. He is a good defender, he is super agressive and super athletic... hence me saying that if he develops a jumpshot that he will be great. THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED IF. You can't tell the future. Silly Knicks fans...
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