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Default Re: the 08/09 nickname game.

Found this surfing on the web:

(Courtesy of Ricky of Sixers 4 Guidos)

Sam Dalembert - "the Haitian sensation" or, for most of the fans, Sam Dumbert/Dalembum (LOL)
Marreese Speights - "Ace of" Speights, or "Speighterman"
Reggie Evans - Lunch Pail " that was created by Marc Zumoff aand Bob Salmi, Comcast Sixers' commentators.. they are repeating that to death, LOL.. like "Reggie is lunch pailing tonight", "he came with his lunch pail" and so on...``

(Courtesy of Jordan of Liberty Ballers)
Marreese Speights - M16
"It's kind of generic, but Marresse Speights is known as M16 around our blog."
I guess it's from last season. Can't believe they missed MoSpeezy.
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