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Default How I Would Fix the Bucks

I am hoping to generate some buzz out there in Bucks' Land so here is my take on how to fix the Bucks. To begin, I feel this will be a crummy season as we head to another lottery for the 2010 draft. Since Hammond is a little shaky (I haven't forgiven him for taking Alexander in 2008), I am putting on my GM cap as follows;
1. Trade Bogut this year and maybe throw in another player(s) (outside of either Redd or Jennings). The goal would be to get Amare from the Suns.
2. Trade Ridnour before the end of 2009 and throw in Alexander if you have to in return for a legit SF.
3. Draft a PF in the lottery next year.
4. Extend Redd's contract (that's right), but look to pay him a lot less since he is a one-dimensional player.
5. Use all this extra cap money to solidify the bench with some quality backups who can actually be effective starters if needed.
6. Hammond did get one thing right; Jennings will become a star in this league; thank God he's on our team.
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