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Default Re: The Official All-Time Houston Rockets Roster

that was one season, his first season with houston and it was a 1st round exit. after that season he has steadily been declining. your the the one who said this roster is strictly about the player impact in houston.
he might have been declining after that season, but from then on he stayed on par with what drexler did. so if mcgrady's play from '06-'09 was on par with drexlers from '95-'98, then drexler has an argument. but the simple fact remains - mcgrady's '05 was unmatched by not only any shooting guard in rockets history, but it was unmatched by anyone other than olajuwon, hayes, and malone. mcgrady's 2005 was the difference: best player on the rockets, top 9 player overall, all-star, 3rd team all-nba, 26/6/6 regular season, 31/7/7 playoffs. easy decision.
Rudy T is missing.
tomjanovich was unlucky. he was next in line.
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