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Default Re: 2009 European basketball championship (Eurobasket) discussion

It was Spanoulis the point guard of the first team. Navarro could play as 1, but it wasnt his role in this championship (or in others), so it has no sense he was in this position in the Eurobasket's first team.

IMO in this Eurobasket, once Spain awakes, there was no oportunities for the rest of teams. They dominated the play-offs fair and square.

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
Sad that Navarro didnīt stay in the NBA. Heīs such a great scorer.

I heard that his family can't stay in Memphis for another year. He waited for other options but it didnt come or it wasnt interesting, so he decided to go back to Barcelona with a great contract. They didn't like Memphis for living because that city was the opposite to Barcelona (open, cosmopolitan...) and since Gasol's exit, a very close friend, the situation was getting worse... Moreover the team's situation couldn't be more disastrous.

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