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Default Re: Luther Head's a Pacer

Originally Posted by qrich
Head is a combo-guard, no way can he play SF unless D'Antoni is the coach and if they send Price to the D-League for him, I'm going to be ticked because I was hoping I'd get to see Price play this year.

Conrad Breunner (Pacers employed "blogger") keeps pushing the "3 position player" angle hard. It makes me think we're going to see the smallest lineups ever in Indy. Ford/Watson/Jones/Danny/Murph kinda crap. It still doesn't make sense to have another small G, but I do like Brooks for his instant offense.

As for Price and the D-League, it makes some sense, but we've literally never used the D-League, I don't see it starting now. Just will be sitting in a suit that much more now. Does make me question if they're trying to move a Diener or Ford in a bigger deal though.
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