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Default Re: How I Would Fix the Bucks

Originally Posted by QuebecBaller
It' one thing to get Amare, but will he accept to sign a new contract in Milwaukee?

To make a long story short: No.

This team needs to pray that they land a significant talent at the PF in next years draft and hope to God that Jennings pans out.

Jennings, our future PF, and Bogut will be our future. Period. If Meeks or Mbah a Moute develop into everyday starters, all the better. The big question marks are Alexander and Ilyasova. Ilyasova has a much greater chance of turning into a starter than JA. Alexander, I think, needs to develop into a solid second option at SF and he will be worth keeping. If by the end of this year he doesn't, ship him/Ridnour out for another F.

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