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Default Re: How I Would Fix the Bucks

Originally Posted by wal0645
Like I said; Bogut is nothing special and if we get an opportunity to dump him we should take it. Having invested 60M in a guy with a bad back is beyond me, but we are talking about the Bucks, a team that had an chance to get it right by drafting a Brook Lopez, but for some reason chose Alexander. A team that traded one of it's greatest players in his prime (Ray Allen) for an "over-the-hill Payton. I'm amazed so many Buck fans think Bogut is something. Amare would be way more effective than a Bogut could ever be and to get him I would throw in other players except for Redd and Jennings. The rest of the team are all replaceable pieces. When a guy develops back problems he's as good as done as a player; look at TMac.
First I'll say I see your points , to get a team competitive again , and respectable. Problem is I can not believe all the player movement is not to put the team in a position to be sold.
As most sold franchises go , the previous owner gives one to two players a bargaining chip for the new owner to either keep and build around or use them as a bargaining chip to get players that suit their desires.
For that reason I do not see Kohl / Hammond moving Bogut. If Kohl doesn't put the team up for sale in 2 years , I'd say he is using Bogut as the foundation to his team. Think of the Dutch man in Indy - in Reggie's era.
Redd is the trade bait for Kohl and or the new owner in several ways.
Money as well as getting something back.
Your kind of suggesting a quick fix , and banking on a 19/20 year old 6' PG that is NOT proven to lead the Bucks to the promise land. That equals a pipe dream and you know that.
I have a fear for Boguts career , not BUCKS future , because I have had back problems and know the difficulty. And Bogut looks out of shape and over weight and those two combinations do not help a back in any way.
You are dead right about Joe Axe and Lopez , because even though neither were proven players and only draft picks , I saw as you did in college ball that Lopez seemed very mature playing along side his brother which may become the best brother tadem to ever enter the draft as big men.
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