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Default Re: The Official All-Time Houston Rockets Roster

Originally Posted by Shep
struggling? 29-17 with thorpe, .500 with drexler.

oh so impact only means championships to you? put t-mac on those '95 rockets in place of drexler and seriously say to me that you think they wouldn't win atleast as many games as those rockets did. mcgrady has been the rockets best player 3 different seasons, drexler was the rockets second best player by a very wide margin. impact takes circumstance into the equation, and if you don't have alot of help and are the best player in your team while winning 60% of your games you have a bigger impact than a player who has the second best player in the nba as a teammate, and are barely scraping over .500.

the result is leading his team as far as it could go. dominating during the regular season, and playing even better in the playoffs. you couldn't ask him to do anymore.

it is based on impact, circumstance, production, wins, and games played.

well that was point of the move, regardless of the outcome. struggling, not really but they were looking for a move that will give them the boost. i don't even remember if thats accurate that they went .500 with Clyde but that's why Clyde's impact is that he helped bring another championship to houston because maybe its just me but i guess i regard post season impact and success at alot higher steep than any regular season individual statistics.

you want to talk about circumstances, production, and wins? lol! i don't want to do this to t-mac but you want to talk about circumstances?? how about post season, game 7, late in the 4th quarter... you wan't to talk about production?? yeah there was none. he shy'd away from those moments. He was none present. yeah go ahead put t-mac on those 94-95 rockets, who knows what would have happened. i do know one thing is that clyde has had playoff success before houston. and clyde went to houston past his prime and still had a big impact. saying he was the 2nd best player by a wide margin says more about how great a center Hakeem was, but it doesn't take away from his impact on the rockets.
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