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Default Re: Pictures of new Rockets alternate uniforms

Originally Posted by Q.E.C
I wish the Rockets would go ahead and add black to their colors but I guess there not feeling black. Like I said I would love to see these as black, white, and yellow than the red. If we replaced that red with black I think the jerseys would look much better.

at first when you were talking about black, yellow, white i was like wtf? what would that look like but after thinking about it, i think those would look pretty good. it gives a steelers feel.

like people in the main forum mentioned though, this is pretty much for the chinese fans, i mean that's basically what the alternate uniforms are. my theory, with yao ming out for the whole season, they need to keep their chinese fan base tuned in??

but with other uniforms, there's so much possibilities, but im tired of the metallic red away jerseys lol. i think they need to implement the navy blue again.
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