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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Maga_1
I just don't agree with the Motijuenas with the 1st pick, it's not because is not good. It's about the "Wall's thing"

wall still has some to prove in ncaa to be one of these great draft prospects- I think he will prove to be top pick worthy and I like him a lot as a prospect but don't think that right now he is the clear cut top pick

Moteijunas is a great prospect as well- he would have been 2 last draft and I don't see him not going top 2 in this- as the year goes by and you hear and see more of him I think he becomes a huge prospect- who was the most skilled 7 foot draft prospect? was the best international prospect ever? He might end up both

its a toss-up between wall and moteijunas for the 1st pick right now
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