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Default Re: Are the Kings the worst potential team of the 2009-2010 season?

There is no way the Kings come in last place. In the first year Theus was here we had the weak team of Beno/Martin/Miller/Moore and we almost made the playoffs! The team of Evans/Martin/Thompson/Hawes is at least as good not to mention Westphal is the best coach the Maloofs have ever hired including Adelman. Last year we missed coaching, toughness, clutchness, defense, and in the offseason we fixed every hole with Westphal/Evans/ Casspi/Brockman/May/Mason.

Westphal has never had a below .500 squad in 7 years. This team will be around 41 wins. And Thompson's best numbers last year were 23pts, 19reb, and 4 blks. During summer when Evans and JT got comfortable together in the last 3 games they put up 18/5 and 26/10/1. If Evans and JT come together with Martin and Hawes this is an explosive team again.

Nice post. i hope so. and im also really high on the Westphal hire.
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