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Default Re: The Official All-Time Houston Rockets Roster

Originally Posted by Shep
it was .500 with drexler. look it up. and with houston playing much better with thorpe, it would be fair to say that they still would've won the championship if they did not make that trade. hell, the way olajuwon was playing in those playoffs they probably still would've won without either thorpe or drexler. ofcourse playoff stats are important, but you have got to include things like circumstance, eg. teammates, situations.. sure winning championships are nice, but what if you can't get to those situations because you lack help? fair enough if you put up empty stats on the worst team in the nba - you don't deserve recognition, but if you are a part of a successful team, a playoff team, and are the best player on that team, with a trash supporting cast like tmac had you definately deserve recognition, and that recognition, in this case is one of a number of things that results in him being the starting shooting guard in the all time houston rockets roster.

obviously his impact was worse than that of otis thorpe's, atleast in terms of wins. are you talking about that game 7 where the rockets players not named ming or mcgrady combined for 16 total points, or the game 7 where he had 29 points and 13 assists?

if your talking about impact and circumstances, don't throw stats at me. don't throw stats around wrecklessly. T-mac had good numbers in the playoffs his whole career!! It's not about numbers because that's what your roster is all about. you see a player strictly on his stats. i said nothing about rockets winning or losing those game 7's. fyi it really applies to many games, not just game 7 and not just 2 specific series. I was strictly talking about T-MAC IN THE 4TH QUARTER. that has nothing to do with his teammates, nothing to do with winning or losing the game or series, but strictly his performance in the playoffs. when it mattered most, t-mac disappeared and did not demand the ball on offense. throw all numbers you want at me but i watch basketball not the boxscore. so again you want to talk about impact, you want to talk about circumstances... well there you go.

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