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Default Re: The Official All-Time Houston Rockets Roster

if your talking about impact and circumstances, don't throw stats at me. don't throw stats around wrecklessly. T-mac had good numbers in the playoffs his whole career!! It's not about numbers because that's what your roster is all about.
numbers is only part of what my roster is based on, it is based on impact, circumstance, production, wins, and games played.
you see a player strictly on his stats
i can play this game too: you see a player strictly based on whether or not he has hakeem olajuwon playing along side him
i said nothing about rockets winning or losing those game 7's. fyi it really applies to many games, not just game 7 and not just 2 specific series. I was strictly talking about T-MAC IN THE 4TH QUARTER. that has nothing to do with his teammates, nothing to do with winning or losing the game or series, but strictly his performance in the playoffs. when it mattered most, t-mac disappeared and did not demand the ball on offense. throw all numbers you want at me but i watch basketball not the boxscore. so again you want to talk about impact, you want to talk about circumstances... well there you go.
you talked about post season, game 7, and i destroyed you accordingly. no need to back track and make excuses now.
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