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Default Re: Jax fined for trade request

Originally Posted by crisoner
Captain Jack backed up what he said today and even stated he doesn't understand why Kobe didn't get fined a couple years ago.
I also think if he didn't mention the Cavs and other specific teams he wouldn't of got the fine.

I'm real disappointed in the dude....but really all this fall out crap has much to do with the Warriors front office. Horrible.

iam pretty sure he will be traded by the trade deadline

but what he said is true kobe goes on and crys for a whole offseason about wanting to get traded,while jack said it once and very calmly and gets fined

i agree front office is horrible,they have been saying monta and curry can play together and that everyone is on the same page then monta comes out and says that he doesnt want to play with him cuz thats not how to win games

for once i agree with monta
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