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Default Re: The Official All-Time Houston Rockets Roster

ok calm down. destroyed me?? wow well while i was trying to have a logical debate with you, you were taking offense to it. notice my initial tone were not to attack you, you were disrespectful from the get go.
i'm sorry you feel that way. if i come across as disrespectful its only because my teams are final, and no changes need to be applied. some choices, however, are alot closer than others, but mcgrady over drexler is not a close call in this case. maybe you might feel more disrespected by me because of this fact, and if it was a closer call i'd show less disrespect. who knows?
1) you keep saying the roster is based on impact, circumstances, production etc.. i already proved you wrong
when did this happen?
2) then you want to make a ridiculous statement about my statement is strictly because hakeem is on the team. Its clyde drexler?? you have him 2nd. basically the debate was based on my opinion of clyde starting over mac opposed to your opinion of mac over clyde. so obviously, you also think highly of drexler although you keep stating he just piggy backed on Hakeem.
yes, that was ridiculous statement for ridiculous statement. acknowledged . drexler was a fantastic player for the rockets, you wouldn't be included in an all-time team if you weren't. infact i have drexler as the fourth best player off that houston bench after moses malone, elvin hayes, and yao ming - elite company if you ask me. mcgrady was just on another level, and the only time drexler had playoff success was when his teams were stacked.
3) lets talk about game 7. my statement stands. he DISAPPEARED. and multiple times when it mattered most mac disappeared. why do i make this argument? because you have him on a pedestal about all the impact he made in houston, yet all ive seen is underachievement and a lack of success.
game 7 against the jazz? when mcgrady scored 8 points in the fourth quarter? when the rockets decided to go to yao ming down the stretch because he was hot? when the result of going to yao resulted in turnovers? when houstons big men could not grab a defensive rebound to save their lives? and you're going to blame tmac for all this? gtfo. drexler never had a superstar type playoff series in his houston career.
If i may make a suggestion, when you make a thread, expect people to debate againts you. that's the point of a basketball forum, you can't expect everybody to agree with everything you said. so when i disagree with you, im not disrespecting you and you need to learn to accept that and make your argument accordingly. I don't know how old you are but you sure are carrying yourself immaturely.
lol thanks. you seem like a kewl guy, and i guess i'm just used to dealing with 12 year old twerps on this forum. i'll try and apply this advice to my postings
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