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Default Re: Sergio Rodriguez

Originally Posted by Phenith
As much at I like the Evans pickup in the draft, he isn't a PG... he is a swing that would be much better suited at the 2 or 3 even.

I'm sure most of you Kings fans at least partially agree with me. Now, does this open the door for Sergio to start at the point or do you think Udrih is better?

Evans will get lots of time to play, especially if they rotate him through 2 or 3 positions he could end up getting 30+mpg and not be a starter.

PG: Sergio/Evans/Udrih
SG: Martin/Evans
SF: Garcia/Evans/Greene
PF: Thompson/Nocioni/May
C: Hawes/Thompson

You guys desperately need another big, May is an end of the rotation guy even if he does make a comeback.

I agree with most everything. accept Greene has been doin alot of his training to bulk up and handle the 3-4. kinda like a Odem does but definanlty more as a defender. May though a little short for a center can help fill more of those minutes just with his Strength. I agree we need another solid Big off the bench but I dont think its that important. Casspi Will get very limited time at the 3 but enough behind Noc and Garcia that Green will probably be seen more at the 4. Besides Weatphaul likes to run. so a little bit smaller line up is likly. So it might look more like this.

PG: Sergio/Evans/Udrih
SG: Martin/Evans
SF: Garcia/NOC/Greene/Casspie
PF: Thompson/May/Greene/NOC
C: Hawes/Thompson/May

It could be small at times but when ya wana run that is normaly a good thing.
How well did Phonix do those years with staudomire at center and running Marion at the 4. not comparing the teams but the style from the coach's is comparable. Really cant wait to she this new team.
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