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Default Re: RocketsGreatness, Im sick of you.

Originally Posted by plowking
Well I debated with about 5 of the accounts. Can't really remember which ones. Though I got sick of it at that point. Though I did notice about 5 other accounts which were definately his arguing the same point to other posters.

So he has 10+ accounts posing as different people. It really is sad and pathetic. Do persons like him need help, or is it just a teenage thing where he feels unappreciated due to not having many friends or something?
I dont know, its certainly something. Thats just sad. I dont even think I am registered on 10 forums, much less have 10+ on one. How many email addresses would you need for that BS? Think about it, he would have to create these accounts AHEAD of time since that it takes so long to be activated on ISH. Hey, RG/iTruWarrior/FinalCountdown/RedZiggyZag/etc, tell your mom/dad/guardian we need to have a discussion with them. I am dead serious, this is not normal at all, you need help man with whatever is going on.
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