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Default Re: RocketsGreatness, Im sick of you.

Originally Posted by Maniak
Seriously, you have been following me around and bugging me for such a long time on ISH.

Honestly, I roasted you on my Big Deal account(I used that as a joke) and Im sick of you.

Attention seeker? Naw, if I was an attention seeker Id make some dumb thread, then once it died in a matter of 5 seconds Id bump it from the second page by deleting my last post in it, then reposting the exact same thing.




But really, I am not trying to be an attention seeker on ISH at all. Im just trying to discuss some good basketball and have some fun on ISH. Ive given up my gimmick ways.

Whenever I make a good thread you decide to bug me and follow me around, and Im sick of you.

And its not as easy as putting you on ignore, because you have about 25 accounts, and they just keep on coming in.

Cant you take a hint?!
How come everytime you post you come across as a whiny little bitch?
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