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Default Re: Who will be trade first?

With Kirk as the point, then I think it may work. Kirk has the ability to guard shooting guards and has shown that he's an above average defender. For me, I'd much rather move Ellis than Jackson. This whole Curry/Ellis backcourt issue is because of Ellis' inability to guard his position. No matter how much you spin it, Ellis is a 6'3 shooting guard and no SG at his size has become a star player at the position worth $11M a year. Sure you could bring up Iverson, but he played point the majority of his career (Philly) where he averaged 7 assists per game. Ellis won't come close to 7 a game..ever.

I'd try to move Monta to the Bobcats, along with Brandan Wright, for Raja Bell and Boris Diaw. Two guys that really exceled in the uptempo game while they were in Phoenix. Diaw can rebound, block shots, defend, dribble and pass the ball from the SF position. Bell is tough defender than can knock down 3 pointers. Curry, Jax, Diaw, Wright and Biedrins would be the best line up with Bell, Azubuike, Watson, Turiaf and Moore off the bench.
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