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The Bengals should be 4-0. We can win a wild-card this year. I predicted Baltimore to win the AFC North, and predicted Pittsburgh would miss the playoffs, with Cincy winning enough games to take a # 5 or # 6 seed. This team can win 10 games. I believe the key is splitting a game with the Ravens. If the Ravens beat us twice, we'll miss the playoffs (9 wins) if we can split one of the two, we'll finish the season 10-6 and make the post season.

I gotta check Cincy's schedule. I've been pulling for them ever since 'Hard Knocks'. I don't think 10-6 is a guarantee for the playoffs in the AFC, but their win over Pitt was huge, especially in the standings. Good to see Cedric Benson turn it around. He needed a change in scenery.
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