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Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I kinda agree with spiderman because It is time to try and make big moves to win a Championship.

We can't rebuild all the time. Up until last week i was against getting Garnett until i remembered something important.

Vince Carter was getting worse in toronto just because he didnt wanna be there.

If Garnett comes to the lakers, you are looking at a rejuvenated Kobe and Garnett and we can probably win a championship.

Kobe passes to people he trusts and I am more convinced that he trusts Garnett.

Kobe + Garnett is not enough to win titles. We would have to give up a lot to get him and that would leave us with two superstars and nothing good surrounding them.

It's better to invest that money in getting several talented players who could all make key contributions to the team.
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