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Default Re: Manute For Ever! How much of this clowns life is a lie???

Originally Posted by B-Low
The irony here is that he's calling Manute a loser for hitting copy and paste on a list that he thought was funny, but Sergio is the one going through in depth research navigating the website, bumping old threads and running from topic to topic posting 1000 laughing icons and tryin to pump everyone up.

Who's more of a loser, the "loser" or the loser who devotes his saturday afternoon to launching a message board investigation into that loser's post history?

it takes less than a second to find a posted images source. If you follow his threads you will quickly notice no citations and all of the pictures sourced to the site where he copied everything. So i have no clue why you're making it seem as though sergio has spent countless hours gathering information about Manute...
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