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Default Re: Manute For Ever! How much of this clowns life is a lie???

i dont understand why everyone is hating on the OP.

It's a pretty d0uchebag move to talk about how your girlfriend thinks you're hilarious and how you're thinking of publishing material when you're just rippin it off another website...You probably don't have a girlfriend. And while you have the useful ability to seem through the web and present us with interesting facts and pics, you never came across as a dude with an interesting sense of humor, so the top 20 lists seemed like a reach from the get go...

Just stick to presenting us with cool info...don't get ahead of yourself and start acting like you are actually a genuinely interesting character...

Too many sheep on ISH. If yall didnt dislike the OP, you'd all be yelling FAIL and EXPOSED and +1 and shiiit... This whole thing was lame and he called it. Not on the level of handsome man, but manute should just go back to his bread and butter, the copy past function with credits.
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