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Originally Posted by Younggrease
thats what 360 is missing...i have one and love it but there games are so dark and mostly shooters. I have Gears and love it but I wish i had a game like Zelda or a good Sonic or Mario. Just a fun long platformer. Right now its just sports or shooting.

I was going to buy the wii untill i plyed excite truck at gamestop and hated the wiimote for regular games. Then i figured out most games only use the wii mote. I cant mess with that. I might just add the HD-DVD drive this holiday season along with that Braxia.

Yeah that is what I'm trying to say. There aren't really any games like Zelda or Mario for it, unless there's something I don't know about(which is kind of why I made the topic). And then I don't like what I've heard about the Wii mote either.
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