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Default Re: nice little article on Foster

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Jeff's days are sadly numbered. He's really begun to show his age and the effects of the continuous back troubles. I don't want him moved, but his deal will be quite valuable when it reaches it's last year. When rumors have floated about him being moved he's always been professional and realistic about it, understands it's a business and if it helped the franchise he'd understand.

We just drafted his replacement in Hansbrough in terms of setting an example and bringing it every night whether it's a frigid January night a dozen games out or Game 7 in mid-June. I think once he hangs it up he'll remain involved with the franchise, broadcaster, assistant (I think he'd make a great one), front office, something.
Man, I hope so.

Jeff is one of the greatest Pacers of all time (in terms of being a guy who puts everything he has into the game night in and night out, a dedicated player).

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