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Default Re: ESPN Insider Magic Stuff

Some thoughts...
Oddly enough, the Magic were a terrible offensive rebounding team. With four shooters spacing the perimeter and Howard normally lined up on the strong side, Orlando rarely had players in position to gather second shots. The Magic's 24 percent offensive rebound rate ranked 28th -- only Toronto and San Antonio fared worse.
This is because Stan tells his guards to get back on defense rather than go inside to grab the offensive rebound, it's not really odd at all.
Signed Matt Barnes to a two-year deal for $3.2 million. Orlando used the leftover midlevel exception money from the Bass deal to ink Barnes, who provides yet another floor-spacer who can play both the 3 and the 4. Barnes isn't good enough to start for a playoff team, but he is tough, plays with energy and handles the ball well for his size. As a 10-minute energizer off the bench, he should provide good value at this price.
I think he is underrating Barnes a bit. He will be playing a lot more than 10 minutes...
The hope is that Orlando can offset the losses in other ways. Carter, though he takes many barbs, is certainly a better defensive player than Turkoglu, while the increased playing time for Pietrus could provide another boost at the defensive end. Additionally, J.J. Redick has vastly improved as a defender -- as he showed when shadowing Ray Allen in the second round of the playoffs -- and could prove more useful on that end this year.
Carter is definitely a better player than Hedo, but I'm not sure about a better defender. We will see.
"I think a realistic free throw percentage for him is probably 75," Van Gundy said. While the assembled media exchanged stunned glances, he quickly revised his estimate to something a bit more, um, realistic.
I'll believe it when I see it, but even 65% would make me happy.
One thing Carter let us in on was his new coach's habit of sending frequent text messages to players.
Matt Barnes said SVG texts like a girl who just got her first phone lol.
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