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Originally Posted by Posterize246

Texans over Bengals tomorrow. Sorry mlh.

This game has me worried as well. Houston can't run the ball, so I think they will be going to a lot of 3 reciever sets. We do a good job of shutting down teams' top receivers, but as a whole, our pass defense is lacking a bit and susceptible to tight ends catching passes in the middle of the field

Houston is great against the pass, horrible against the run. This bodes well for Cedric Benson.

Also, the Texans are an excellent special teams whereas we can't cover anyone very well.

Plus, you got intangibles such as players having a bit of an emotional letdown after so many tough divisional games in a row.

On a side note, does anyone else read the online newspapers/blogs/etc of your fav team's opponent for the week? I usually do this and find it to be quite interesting. Was reading the Houston Chronicle to see what they had to say about the game.
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