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Originally Posted by rezznor
minnesota gets raped that deal imo

edit. refering to cedric

Griffin isn't anything more than a drunk *********or.

Foye isn't even a 'blip' on the ROY map.

Kwame, Bynum and Odom are a whole new front court to give Minny a lineup of:
CT: Andrew Bynum/ Mark Blount
PF: Kwame Brown/ Craig Smith
SF: Lamar Odom/ Trenton Hassell
SG: Ricky Davis/ Marko Jaric
PG: Mike James/ Troy Hudson

And McCants.

Lakers go with:
CT: Chris Mihm/ Eddie Griffin/ Ronny Turiaf
PF: Kevin Garnett/ Brian Cook
SF: Luke Walton/ Vladimir Radmanovic
SG: Kobe Bryant/ Maurice Evans
PG: Randy Foye/ Smush Parker
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