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Default Re: ESPN Marc Stein ranking

I really don't think the Bucks will ever trade Redd. He's a class act and can still shoot lights out. I could see him retiring as a Buck and going down as one of the greats in Milwaukee. Obviously no where near Kareem or Robertson, but up there with Ray Allen.

I really like Michael. I think Bucks fans (including myself) get really down on him because he hasn't led us anywhere and continues to get injured. However, he's still one of my favorite players. He can compete with some of the best, but yes I know, he's not the kind of player you want as your number one guy.

Here's my optimistic side (I mean hey, it's the beginning of another NBA season, why not? Everyone's at .500) -- The Bucks have finally found their number one guy in Jennings. Redd can step out of the spotlight a bit and let Jennings take over throughout the next 5 years or so. Redd as our number two guy is great, and Bogut behind him is just as good. Perhaps Meeks will follow in Redd's footsteps and study under the aging SG (ala Allen and Redd) and take over when Redd retires. Maybe we land a huge star SG years down the road.

This team can develop into a contender. Only thing is, we have no idea how long it would take. And that's the worst thing about being a Bucks fan...waiting...
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