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Default Re: Week 8 NFL point spreads...

Originally Posted by BankShot
I don't understand these odds. How can a 4-2 Packer team that is 1-2 against quality teams (Bengals, Vikes, Bears), be favorites against the 6-1 Vikes that is 2-1 against quality teams (49ers, Ravens, Steelers)

They've beaten the same bad teams (Rams, Browns, Lions), and the Vikings have beaten the Packers this season.

I know its in Green Bay, but does homefield really make that much difference??? Just doesn't make sense to me.

The Oddsmakers consulted with the football Gods and came to the conclusion that it is impossible for Farve to win in Lambeau Field when wearing a Vikings Jersey.

The Football Gods just won't allow it.

And yes... Homefield advantage is very important.
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