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Default Warriors vs Rockets Season Opener

Projected Starters:

GS: Curry (PG), Ellis (SG), Jackson (SF), Randolph (PF), Biedrins (C)
Houston: Brooks (PG), Ariza (SG), Battier (SF), Scola (PF), Hayes (C)

Right off the bat, there's a huge mismatch at the SG spot with Ariza being 6'8 and Ellis at 6'3. The Rockets should be able to exploit that match up while the Warriors will be in more of a zone look for the duration of the game. Ellis won't be able to guard either Ariza or Battier and at the other end, both are great defenders. Ellis will struggle in his first game this season.

I thnk Curry should have a nice first NBA game. I'm looking at 15 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds for the rookie with 4 turnovers. Biedrins should have a field day on Hayes, who is 6'6. If only AB had a decent offensive game or the ability to pass out of the double team. He should have a field day on the boards with 12.

This is a game that the Warriors SHOULD win. The Rockets don't have McGrady or Yao and aren't a good team. They also played last night so the Warriors should take advantage with their fast paced game. Jackson should have a pretty good game auditioning for a Texas team and should get 20 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds to start.

Final Score Predictions: W 106 - R 92
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