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1) Gordon is VERY athletic. He's a basketball player with the build of a running back, and the vertical leap of a high jumper. He's also just as quick as Wade.

2) Unlike Wade Gordon has a nice jumpshot, which is not exactly the best thing to have as a scorer. He falls to often into the 'Vince Carter disease' of settling for jumpshots instead of attacking the basket. If Wade had greater range on his shot he wouldn't nearly be as effective as he is now.

3) In order for Gordon to stay on the Bulls longterm he's going to have to be more aggressive on his drives to the basket. His PPG average would be comfortably in the 20s if he would just get some more free throws. Defensively he'll never be that great so he has to make up for it with his scoring. Fortunately for him Hinrich is a great defender that can make up for some of his defencies on that end of the court.
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