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Originally Posted by insidehoops
But is it baron davis' fault, or montgomery's fault?

Or both?

Montgomery and Davis are a clash of styles. Montgomery is a college coach that believes in his (volume passing motion) system only. Baron Davis is a player that has been to multiple all-star games and playoff appearance by playing a freewheeling style in which the entire offense goes through him and no one else.

Now after figuring out that the two had very different styles, why did the Warriors play so well after the trade? Because the Warriors season was lost, and Montgomery decided to throw the playbook out and just let the players have fun.

So this season comes around and Montgomery decides to 'implement' his playbook. Davis, having never been in a motion offense decided to play his way and the season totally melted down in a series of bad efforts, finger pointing and pouting.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just stick with what was most successful. And Montgomery tinkered too much to make it work.

The Warriors would've been a playoff team if Montgomery would've adjusted his playbook to fit his roster.(let Davis do his thing) And for that he should be let go.
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