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Default Wade FT Article

Officials favoring Wade?

The season is not even a month old, but already there have been three complaints from opposing coaches and players about the amount of foul calls Dwyane Wade received in the course of a game.

The latest was Charlotte forward Gerald Wallace, who claimed, ``He gets all the calls, that's what makes him special.'' Zaza note - thats cold

Wade said he doesn't really hear about such claims, Zaza note - does that mean he doesn't listen or no one told him or he ignores it?? which started this season when Sonics coach Bob Hill said of Wade, ``It's unbelievable what he gets away with.''

''It doesn't bug me as long as [the calls] don't stop,'' said Wade, who averages a league-high 11.5 free-throw attempts a game. Zaza note - that's the spirit. Let me shoot 11.5 ft's a game and you can say whatever you want about me

``[It's] because I'm getting to the basket. I'm not settling for jumpers. It's not like I'm getting foul calls off the ball or getting foul calls on my jump shot, I'm getting them attacking.'' Zaza note - as opposed to G.Wallace who never attacks the basket, right?

Heat coach Pat Riley said all the chatter from the opposition is posturing mixed with a bit of sour grapes.

''I think they're just playing a scam, they really are,'' Riley said. ``They're just whining. I can guarantee you Allen Iverson doesn't say anything like that. I can guarantee you LeBron James doesn't say anything like that. I can guarantee you Zach Randolph won't say anything like that. Anybody that gets 10, 12 free throws a game, they understand why they get them. It's because they're attacking, attacking, attacking, going to the rim taking hits, taking hits, taking hits. That's the advantage of being a great player who has great quickness and has an attack mentality.

``I think everybody's just complaining to try to think they can get an edge and hope they will influence the officials in some way, shape or form. But Dwyane deserves what he gets. There isn't anybody in the league that attacks the basket more than he does.'' Zaza note - Riley isn't one bit trying to influence the officials with this bit of posturing
Anytime someone get to the line alot it will draw criticism and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle - they are attacking and shooting alot, they are getting a ton of contact, they are also getting a benefit of the doubt from the refs.
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