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Originally Posted by Joey Zaza
Anytime someone get to the line alot it will draw criticism and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle - they are attacking and shooting alot, they are getting a ton of contact, they are also getting a benefit of the doubt from the refs.


When have that reputation, of constantly attacking, relentlessly driving to hole, OFCOURSE you're bound to get some benefit of the doubt calls.

I just find it hilarious at all the slights of Wade's FT attempts as if there is some sort of conspiracy(the fact there is some retards who even insinuate that this the case is hysterical)....Some of ya'll act like this N' does not attack the basket. It is not Dwyane Wade's fault that the rule changes that have been implemented in recent years promote and benefit slashing players. And that only select odd few take advantage of these rule changes(Wade, Iverson, Lebron, Pierce. to name a few guys who work around the basket)..

There are two players in this league (in the state that it is in now), who on MOST nights are going to seem to get a disproportionate amount of FT attempts. And that is Dwyane Wade, and Allen Iverson...And there is no ****ing coincidence that (by the general consensus) these are the two players who attack the basket the most of all the high volume perimeter scorers of the league..

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