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Originally Posted by lakers-city
this is bullsheit.

iverson deserves the fts and wade doesnt ?

lmao !!!!

iverson was the dwyane wade before there was a dwyane wade, the way they relentlessly attack the rim all game long is identical, offensively they are the same player but wade has more hops and is bigger/stronger.

A.I got these exact certain type of response in terms of the supposably "BS calls" he was getting ..

The MVP year, Year Sixers/Lakers(2nd of the Lakers 3peat) Finals, I distinctivly remember all the claims I would read of all the so called "prerefential treatment" is why his inefficient high volume shooting resulted in so many points.

And those youtube videos...

First with the Devin Harris...Dude was in the restricted area...
Sorry 9/10 time the judgement of that specific situation/call is going to favor the offensive player..

And with the blocking call on Dirk, Homey was was in the wrong place in the wrong time. He didn't take a charge nor was he in posistion to take a charge so how is it NOT a blocking foul? Again, just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time...

The call on the floater on the lane, and the jumper on 'Quis Daniels were bogus though. But yeah 2 blatant miscue calls...Big deal. (Dropped his own buckets on both of them)

Every year...There is going to be some group of Fans arguing over officiating, instinuting that their team got robbed in some way or form...

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