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lay-up note: Zaza is a total d-bag...

last year wade was like 49% from the floor...last year's playoffs he was also 49% from the floor

in the finals his last 4 games he went 14-26, 13-23, 11-28, 10-18 which are all darn impressive, except for the 11-28 regardless of FTs.

In all but one of those he got a tonne of FTs, sure...but he was still going crazy from the floor

he may get many FTs but he attacks even more...and can still score and play super competently without FTs...

i like Kobe but even his FTs have gone up the last couple years and he's been settling for jumpers way more than wade as shown in his 44, 45% shooting compared to wade's 48, 49% fact, the FT per basket attack stat there would be way in Kobe's favour...

not dissing Kobe, but judging a player on how many FTs he gets, in spite of his rebounding, passing, all out scoring arsenal, steals and blocks is just really retarded
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