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Originally Posted by lay-up
in the finals his last 4 games he went 14-26, 13-23, 11-28, 10-18 which are all darn impressive, except for the 11-28 regardless of FTs.

So, in other words, of the 6 games Finals where he was MVP, he shot better than 50% only half the time. Sorry for saying, but that sucks. That means he totally needed those free throws.

Originally Posted by lay-up
In all but one of those he got a tonne of FTs, sure...but he was still going crazy from the floor

he may get many FTs but he attacks even more...and can still score and play super competently without FTs...

Is it possible, and maybe I'm crazy, the reason he could go crazy from the floor was partially due to the ft's. Lets say that I'm Josh Howard ("I'm so underrated, even I never heard of myself") defending Wade. I foul him on a generouys ref call, then again on a generous call. Now I have 2 fouls in the first. Am I even getting within a foot of the guy for the rest of the game. Open things up a little bit.

Originally Posted by lay-up
not dissing Kobe, but judging a player on how many FTs he gets, in spite of his rebounding, passing, all out scoring arsenal, steals and blocks is just really retarded

Who is judging Wade solely on his ft's. Mostly people are just saying that he shoots a s-load of free throws and they are not all deserved. Even his stuanchest supporters have to admit that he gets some rep calls.
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