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Default Teh Tim Tebow Topic

Wondering what people think of him as an NFL player. I'm going to list a series of questions about him, and hopefully people will answer and debate. Hopefully the responders are informed as to the subject matter (i.e., you watch Gator Football).

1: What will he be? I'd narrow the options down to:
A. He is going to be morphed by some guru into a drop-back passer that can run when he wants to.
B. "Wildcat" (most overrated offense in football...only Miami does it well, and the Eagles should stop that **** with Vick entirely).
C. Tight End.
D. Fullback.
E. Runningback.

2: How good will he be?
A. Jax, per owner's orders, drafts him with first round pick, tries to have him run the offense, and he becomes a highly-inspiritational Alex Smith-level bust. Although Alex Smith is starting...for now.
B. Jax drafts him with top pick and he manages to take over for Garrard, becomes good NFL QB.
C. Hall of Fame QB, woohoo.
D. Drafted as a "football player," some smart OC makes him into a starter at a new position.
E. Drafted as a "football player," three years later is a Jeopardy! question.

3: What do you see as the best fit for him in the NFL? Open-ended response here.

4: Can he possibly become a leader in the NFL? We hear all these wonderful things about him in college, but I don't think anyone will want to hear anything from their fourth-string running QB. This is somewhat tied into question #2. If he truly has a place in an NFL starting line I could see it working out, but IMO you can't be a leader on a team if you aren't a regular contributor at the least, and preferably you should be a star. For example, if JR Giddens tried to act like KG...**** wouldn't fly.
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