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Default Re: Teh Tim Tebow Topic

Jaguars will be desperate to draft him, regardless of the other team needs. They have a franchise that is having problems attendance wise, and to get a state icon like Tebow would help that problem a bit. They want to get off that list of teams rumored to move to L.A. I see him playing in the wildcat. Dunno about a position change. Is it not wise to at least give him at shot at QB first and see what he can do from there? He goes out there and does the job against a lot of top flight college teams. I certainly think that they will try him out at backup QB, do the wildcat, and throw him into the fold if/when Garrard strugges.

As for the leadership, it will be interesting to see him in a setting with grown men much older than him. Will they listen to him? Can he motivate a team? He'll have to prove himself first, because noone likes a college kid coming in and trying to run things.
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