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Default Chicago Wants a Douby

Two weeks ago reported that Quincy Douby likely had a first round promise from a Midwest team. According to contacts, the rumored Midwest team with a promise to Douby is the Chicago Bulls. Chicago coach Scott Skiles has the same agent as Douby and the Bulls appear intent upon adding Douby to their backcourt of Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich and Chris Duhon.

After winning the second pick in the draft lottery, the Bulls are assured of nabbing one of the top bigmen in the draft. With LaMarcus Aldridge likely to go first overall, the Bulls will select between Andrea Bargnani and Tyrus Thomas, allowing them to go small with their second pick.

Douby is similar to Gordon in that he is more of a scoring small guard. Should the Bulls end up making a blockbuster deal including Gordon for Kevin Garnett, Douby would be able to give the team a similar type of player. spoke with a scout with Chicago on Wednesday who said that the Bulls have had Douby in for a workout and were impressed but denied this report saying that there has been no promise made

I don't really see why they want another guard. Is he a PG or SG?
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