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Originally Posted by 305Baller
Video1: Terry pushes off with left elbow, Wade is too strong to be affected too much so he hits the jumper. But then he realized that the ref hit the foul so he flopped to get the and-1 : THIS IS HARD WORK PEOPLE.

Video2: Mavs player doesnt establish position and FLOPPED. Ref didnt buy the flop.

Video3: NO FOUL, Mavs player appeared to swipe air at last second.

Video4: Foul on Marquis Daniels. Pushed on left side. Wade could have possibly flopped but Wade had position so you call it against Daniels: THIS IS HARD WORK PEOPLE

Video5: Nowitzki didnt have his feet set. FOUL.

Thats all you people have?!


So because Dirk didn't have his feet set it's a foul when he gets an elbow throw into him?
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