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Default Re: What A Worthless Team

Originally Posted by gasolina
The Thabeet pick look like a real bust. We couldn't be worse off with picking Rubio. At least we won't be baying him.

Let's see, who's gonna drop their season high against the grizz next? Hamilton, Bosh, Melo, K-Mart.. who's next?

Anyone can.

This is the worst Grizzlies team I've ever seen, and thats sad to say because we have talented players. Probably 4 of the Top 50 players in the NBA.

None of them play defense, Rudy has absolutely no heart, ZBO plays no defense, Iverson has no more opportunities elsewhere, and OJ loses focus when we aren't winning.

I wish we had traded Rudy to Phoenix for Amare, and drafted James Harden at #2.
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