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Default Woe is me...

This may be the worst Pacer team I've ever seen.

The offense has been pathetic. No plays, just quick shots, no passes, and tons of misses off of contested shots.

Jim O'Brien better turn this boat around before he finds himself out of a job.

Dahntay Jones' numbers may look like he's doing well, but he's a blackhole... I'd rather him score 0 points a game, take no shots, only play defense. You know your team is crap when Dahntay Jones is averaging 15 a night... He was cut by the Kings a couple of years ago... The Kings.

Anyway. I really like Luther Head, solid player, picks his spots well.

I think the biggest problem, outside of JOB and his "system" is Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert, who are more designed for a halfcourt system. It's obvious that neither of them are run and gun players. Rush isn't the player who can create his own shot, but a catch a shoot Shane Battier sort of player. And seeing Roy in this "system" is almost laughable some nights. Sad part is we've gotten worse every game this year.

The reason I keep putting system in quotations is because his system is downright bad. There seems to be no schemes, just run down the court as fast as you can and shoot, or make one pass and take the contested shot. Rush will never thrive in this system because it's not built around the low post player, therefore he's not gonna get kickouts, which a player like him needs.

There's a lot wrong with this team, and I could go on all day.

Think we can beat the Knicks tomorrow?

I vote no.

We are honestly one of the worst teams in the league right now, and we're playing like the worst.
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