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I more or less wholeheartedly agree. I like JOB, I honestly do, but the guy's just mediocre. I understand his run'n'shoot is his philosophy, but there's no give in his gameplanning. Hell we hardly even run plays, it's get down the court and shoot. The roster coupled with the coach just makes no sense. BRush is a work off a screen catch and shoot guy like Reggie, Roy's a beast in the paint but he never gets the damn ball. The current setup is oxymoronic. It makes me wonder even more about picking up JOB's option next year, are we going to continue drafting/signing like a halfcourt team but running and gunning? Slow the damn game down, PnR with TJ and Roy, work Rush off screens, I mean jesus, structure some kind of offense.

I mean I hate to overreact after 3 games, we've got a ton of new faces and all, but the pieces just don't fit. I didn't expect a great year, probably something similar to the last couple, but so far almost every player but Roy's regressed. They just act like they don't give a ****. As much as I HATE Dahntay being a blackhole, at least the dude shows some fire on the court and sidelines. Any time you saw a bench shot tonight it was guys just sitting there like they were waiting to cash their checks.

This really may be the worst Pacers team I've ever seen (I don't remember the late 80s/early 90s). At least last year I didn't expect it, but felt like any given night we could go and beat anyone. Right now I'm expecting a loss every night. Is this what it's like to be a fan of the worst team in the league?
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