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Default Records could be broken this season

Well two games into the season Lou. Dung Bulls SF just got a personal record for most boards(20).

I hate to say it , but if opponents decide to go all out , many person records could be broke playing against the Bucks.

On the other hand - Opponents could play the starters spot minutes , as a rest game , and play more of the 2nd stringers.
In that case - less records will be had.

I know everyone is fired up about Jennings.
So he could become rookie of the year , simply because there are no players around him besides Bogut.
Tuesdays stats for Jenning as a 'PG' 25 pts 4 dimes.

While I am on this subject , when was there a legit PG that was under 6'3" that lead his team to a championship ?

Tony Parker

Now go back in history and tell me the next PG.

Tough isn't it.
Look at all the great PG's in recent history that are under 6'3" and have yet to get a ring , AI, Stockton, CP3,Nash.
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