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Default Re: Does Karl miss JR?

Afflalo is very effective from the corner (more than JR), and much more consistent than JR...
Afflalo is our best perimeter defender and should defend the best SG's

What JR can do is to create his own shot, but we don't need him to do that when we already have Melo, Billups & Nene on the floor.. Kinda like Manu in SA

Our bench was our best weapon last season... Our starters have improved with Afflalo so i don't see why JR need to start when it would make him much less effective and our bench much weaker..

JR is a scorer, not a shooter.. That's a big difference

Our starting unit have no weakness with these 5 starting, and our bench are still one of the best in the league:


Some might say our bigs height is a weakness, but i don't agree.. Cuz we play a switching defense and we switch A LOT, meaning miss matches will happen but it's important to have bigs with quick feet and hands... A slow 7ft banger wouldn't be able to handle that

JR would still play 32 mpg and play the last 6-8 minutes

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