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Default Re: Bob Sanders is done for the year.

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
Oh, yeah, he is a bright spot for the future. I guess I wasn't thinking when I said they need to get a replacement. Well if they already have Bullitt, they shouldn't miss Sanders TOO much. I know Sanders is better, but Bullitt is a very good 'backup'

Has Bob Sanders even played one full season? Didn't he even miss a few games during his DPOY season?

His DPOY year he played 15 games, I want to say he sat the final game just because they had nothing to gain and a lot of starters rested for the playoffs, but I'm not positive.

There was debate about who should start between Bob and Bullitt when Sanders came back a couple weeks ago, Bullitt's extremely capable. W/ Bob out all year and all the other secondary injuries they're still 5th in pass yards given up and 1st in TDs. Kelvin Hayden being out a month is what has me worried.

Also, Anthony Gonzalez is out at least another month.
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